Conference on Ransomware, Cryptography and Pseudo-Identity

Conference Details

Date: Wednesday 29 March 2017, 1:30pm – 5pm

Venue: Craiglockhart Campus, Edinburgh

Cost: Free event


Within 2016, The Cyber Academy ran a conference on Cryptography. This year’s event adds the important areas for ransomware and pseudo-ID to the scope of the conference.

Overall, cryptography is one of the most challenging areas within IT, and its usage causes many problems for companies and investigators, but it is also a protector of the rights of privacy. With GDPR coming up in 2018, the usage of cryptography and pseudo-IDs will come to the fore, and companies must understand how to best protect their customer’s data.

journal-of-cyber-security-technologyA Capture The Flag (CTF) challenge will run from 9am to 1pm, with the best teams being presented an award at the conference. The challenge will include problems of varied difficulty, where both beginners and seasoned information security experts will find something to enjoy.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Prof Alan Woodward. Keynote Title: Quantum Key Distribution: a gentle introduction. The potential arrival of quantum computers poses a threat to the most common public key encryption system in use today. However, quantum principles can be employed to create systems that allow theoretically secure key exchange schemes. In this talk we give a gentle introduction to how and why quantum key distribution works, plus we explore some of the implementation difficulties and how they affect the security of the schemes. Practical schemes are described and some of the exciting, near developments in the field are described. The talk hopes to equip the audience to consider the question of whether quantum based encryption schemes are the answer to the threat posed by quantum computers.
  • Steve Folek. Title: The complete anatomy of ransomware. Steve will provide a complete demo of a ransomware infection on a computer system, before, during and after the event. He will demonstrate a novel ransomware analysis infrastructure, and give a live demonstration of the most up-to-date ransomware samples.
  • Prof Bill Buchanan. Title: PseudoIDs and Wi-fi Crypto Cracking. This presentation has two main parts. The first will outline the challenges of pseudo-IDs, and the second part will give a live demonstration of cracking the four-way handshake used in WPA-2.
  • Dr Owen Lo/Doug Carson (Keysight). Title: Revealing encryption methods using side channel analysis.
  • DI Eammon Keanne. Title: The Threat of Ransomware.

Key papers will be published within the Journal of Cyber Security Technology.

Here is Alan presenting at last year’s conference:


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Details of the programme will be announced soon.