There are a number of training programmes coming up as part of The Cyber Academy.

Investigating DDoS: Capture, Storage and Analysis

Dates: 3 day course (Dates to follow)

Cost: £495

Outline: This course covers each of the main types of DDoS attack using a range of logs, including from Web servers and networked devices. It will use a range of tools to investigate DDoS for the capture, storage and analysis of network logs, including with Wireshark, Snort and Splunk, and uses a full virtualisation environment for the investigation of DDoS, including uniquely generated Web traces.

The details of this course is here.

Cell Site Analysis Workshop

Date: 1-5pm. (Dates to follow)

Cost: Free

Outine: This workshop will focus on a range of scenarious for the investigation of mobile phones within crime investigations. It provide participants with basic details of how cellular networks work and with hands-on experience of the basic investigative activities undertaken to progress a digital forensics investigation.

The details of this course is here.

Digital Investigation

Dates: 5 day course (dates to follow)

Outline: This course provides an in-depth coverage of EnCase, and integrates with the EnCase professional certification.

Mac OS Forensics

Dates: 2 day course (dates to follow)

Outline: This course covers the fundamentals of investigations involving the Apple Mac OS.

Digital Evidence for Solicitors

Dates: 1 day course (dates to follow)

Outline: This course will focus on introducing digital evidence to solicitors, advocates, paralegals and other professionals working in related functions.  More details here.

Digital Evidence for IT Professionals

Dates: 1 day course (dates to follow)

Outline: This course will be more technical in nature as it is addressed to IT professionals. Its aim is not to replace digital forensics experts, but to ensure that the IT staff can contain as situation and preserve evidence until a forensic expert is instructed and gains access. This course focused on IT professionals, IT Managers, network administrators etc who do have IT education/background but no knowledge of Digital Forensics. More details here.

Social Media

Dates: 1 day course (dates to follow)

Outline: This course aims to inform parents, teachers and other related professionals on the immediate, medium term and long term risks from over-sharing children’s photos, videos and other private information on social media.  More details here.


Completion of these courses will receive a certificate of completion from The Cyber Academy, and which will be accredited within the academic and professional infrastructure.