International Conference on Big Data in Cyber Security 2017


The world is moving towards Big Data, and with Cyber Security we see the tracking of host and network events as one of its leading applications. Threats to organisations increase by the day, and many have responded by moving towards the integration of SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) to detect malicious activity.

This conference brings together industry, academia and law enforcement to share insights, ideas, expertise and resources in responding to current security challenges, and in particular to look at the opportunities and challenges in managing and using big data in a cyber security context.

This event is hosted by The Cyber Academy and will investigate best practice in industry and look to future Big Data infrastructures for the benefit of organisations in monitoring security events, and in automated generation of audit information and business analytics.

The application of SIEM is now being applied in many areas including security monitoring, incident response and Cyber Crime investigation. The event aims to showcase best practice in industry and in network investigations.

Date: 10 May 2017

Cost: The event is free (but a charge will apply if we receive a cancellation within one week of the conference).

Venue: Craiglockhart Campus, Edinburgh.

Academic posters: Details here

Hackathon Sponsored by ECS and Splunk

10.00 – 1.20 ECS & Splunk Hackathon : Level 2 Computer Suite
10.00 – 12.00 Academic Posters:  Lindsay Stewart Lecture Theatre
12:00-12:30 Registration  and Networking:  Foyer
12:30 Lindsay Stewart Lecture Theatre
12.30 – 1.20 Keynote:  David Lanc, CEO and Founder of Payfont Limited, Secure Cloud and ADeCA
1.20 – 1.40 Amazon   
1.40 – 2.00 Mathew Haughton, Ignition
2.00 – 2.20  Stephen Budd, Product Manager, Zonefox, Big Trends in Big Data Cyber Security Solutions
2.20 – 2.30 Questions for Panel
2:30 -2:50 Refreshments: Foyer

Lindsay Stewart Lecture Theatre
2.50 – 3.20 Hackathon Prize Giving
Harry McLaren, Senior Security Consultant, ECS, Deconstructing the SIEM Platform
3.20 – 3.40 Stuart Hirst, IT Security Manager, SkyScanner
3.40 – 4.00 Gordon Morrison, McAffee UK
4.00 – 4.45 Prof Bill Buchanan and Dr Owen Lo, The Cyber Academy, Methodologies for Machine Learning in Cyber Security
4.45 – 5.00 Questions for Panel

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The areas covered include:

  • training and simulation environments for Security Operations Centre (SOC).
  • insights into current high profile security incidents, their impact, and how they are reported.
  • key threats and risks associated with losing business-critical data.
  • leading tools, techniques and insights in network threat analysis, detection and investigation.
  • best practice in implementing SIEM strategy.
  • advanced log analysis and data mining.
  • developing and testing effective incident response.
  • evolution of the Security Operations Centre and its emerging future requirements.
  • the need for skills, knowledge and awareness across an organisation.
  • research methods applied to Big Data and Machine Learning.

Last year’s presentations

Here are a selection of presentations from last year:


Pictures from last year



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Research Sessions

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