The Cyber Academy Presents … The Magic of Cyber Security

This public engagement event is open to all - professionals, students, and, well anyone - and will outline a range of fun, interactive and live demonstrations of how the most of secure of systems and methods can be broken.


In the presentation you’ll be introduced to Eve the Magician, who with her team of helpers (Bob, Alice, Trent, Mallory, and  others), will aim to show how an easy it is to break the security of even the most complex of systems and methods, including for complex cryptography, embedded systems, smart phones, and secure tunnels.

It includes magic tricks and demonstrations on how some of the most complex cryptography can be broken, and a wide range of new viewpoints on the security methods, along with live and interactive demonstrations on why things in information technology and even hardware devices, such as your mobile phone, can never be completely trusted.

Date: Thursday, 8 September 2016.
Time: 6:30pm-8pm.
Place: The Lindsay Stewart,  Craiglockhart Campus, Edinburgh.

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