Certificate of Awareness of Incident Response & Planning

Certificate of Awareness of Incident Response & Planning
This is a 2-day course that leads to an Incident Response Awareness Certificate issued by The Cyber Academy.

Who is this course for:

The course is designed for people in managerial roles that need to understand the cyber threat landscape, and the need to prepare and implement an Incident Response Plan, as part of their organisation’s due diligence and compliance with GDPR. This course is especially useful for operations and HR managers, compliance managers and DPO officers. It is also of interest to people in IT roles with no experience in Incident Response planning from a managerial perspective.

Course content:

The course will be delivered over two days and will lead to the Awareness Certificate. The basic structure of the content is as follows.

a. Cyber Threat Awareness

b. Identify the different types of cyber threats and the severity of the threats

c. Identify the attack you sustain (real time threats)

d. Identify past undetected attacks (possible continuing breach)

e. Phases of a cyber security attack

f. Building a Cyber Security Response Capability

g. In-house and external expertise

h. Assessment of your infrastructure. Physical and electronic

i. Identify your digital assets

j. Cyber Security threat analysis

k. People, Processes, Technology and Information

l. Cyber Incident Circle

m. Cyber Security Frameworks

n. Preparing your Incident Response Plan (IRP)

o. External and government support

p. Evaluate your state of readiness

q. Internal communications

r. E-Exit interviews

s. Choosing the right teams

t. Checklists

u. Drills: testing your IRP

v. Learning from your mistakes: amending your IRP

w. Training your staff and stakeholders

x. PLAYBOOKS (practical)

Learning Outcomes:

Upon the completion of this course, you will have a working understanding of:

a. the different types of cyber threats to businesses and organisations

b. the need for developing an Incident Response Plan (IRP)

c. the requirements and restrictions in preparing an IRP

d. the importance of cyber security framework

e. the cyber incident circle

f. the need for random forensic checks

g. the importance of having drilling Incident Response Plans

h. the importance of Playbooks


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6 November 2021

11 December 2021

3 February 2022